A Look Inside: Shift Pilates Body Shop

April 25, 2024

Welcome to Shift Pilates Body Shop! This Charleston-based Pilates studio opened in July of 2023 and offers reformer and mat Pilates group classes and private sessions. At Shift Pilates, owners Diana and Joe Walker strive to create a welcoming space where like-minded individuals can practice Pilates and develop lasting connections with people they wouldn’t have met otherwise. “Our teaching (at Shift) is intentional and based on our extensive knowledge of Pilates. We are passionate about Pilates and continuously strive to further our understanding of the practice and history of Pilates (Joe and Diana).”

Recently, Charleston Guru stopped by to get a look inside and try Shift for ourselves, and it did not disappoint.

Take a look inside Shift Pilates Body Shop.

The Interior

Shift’s interior design beautifully blends contemporary and natural elements to produce a serene and inviting atmosphere with an urban feel. The studio was designed by Diana and Joe and blends their two styles together.

The studio is equipped with large windows that allow plenty of natural light to brighten up the space during Pilates sessions. Their studio includes three reformers that come with various props, a Cadillac, Pilates Chairs, and Mat Pilates props. In short, Shift has everything you need to enjoy the best Pilates experience.

The Exterior

The Details

Shift is a community-focused studio that provides clients with spaces to spend time together before or between classes. The studio features a front lounge area where clients can relax and enjoy complimentary tea and Vitamin Water. Additionally, Shift organizes workshops and events on top of their regular schedule to offer clients more opportunities to connect with their community.

Shift will soon be launching a beginner-friendly Pilates series. The series will consist of four classes that cover the basic principles and beginning moves of Pilates. Upon completing the series, clients will be fully prepared to begin taking Shifts level one Activate classes. Keep an eye out for this exciting offering!

Class Descriptions

Shift, has introduced some unique elements to enhance the experience of its clients. One of them is Shift Sounds, where the owner, Joe, creates monthly playlists with colorful QR code tags that can be collected and shared with others. Another interesting feature is the Body Journal, which is a community journal where clients are encouraged to fill out how they feel before and after class. This journal is a fun way to track progress and stay motivated.

The Details

Shift’s owners like to say, “We often tell our clients that when they first start Pilates, they are ‘trying’ it out, but with enough commitment, they will eventually begin ‘doing’ Pilates.” So be sure to book your free intro class to try out Pilates for yourself!

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