15 Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas in Charleston

March 3, 2022

Valentine’s Day is an annual reminder to share some love with your partner, friends, and family. One of the most popular ways to celebrate—an incredible dinner (and Charleston has plenty of options). This year, Valentine’s Day falls on Monday, February 14, 2022. Here are Charleston Guru’s top 15 restaurant ideas for Valentine’s Day 2022.


Halls Chophouse

Photo Credit: Halls Chophouse

Halls Chophouse is an elegant steakhouse located on Upper King Street. As a fine-dining restaurant, guests can expect superb hospitality, delicious American cuisine, and a memorable dining experience. Make a reservation online or call: (843) 727-0090.

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82 Queen

Photo Credit: 82 Queen

82 Queen, located on Lower King Street, is one of Charleston’s oldest and most celebrated restaurants. There are 11 quaint dining areas and an intimate courtyard featuring a mammoth Magnolia tree. The “Southern charm,” classy ambience, and incredible food are some of the many reasons to dine at 82 Queen. Make a reservation online or call: (843) 723-7591.

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Chez Nous

Photo Credit: Chez Nous

Chez Nous is a cozy, casual bistro located in the Cannonborough/Elliotborough neighborhood. Chez Nous is a popular date spot year-round, so you won’t be disappointed. The menu changes daily and features food and wine from Southern France, Northern Italy, and Northern Spain. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 579-3060.

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Zero Restaurant + Bar

Photo Credit: Zero Restaurant + Bar

Zero Restaurant + Bar is tucked away in the luxury boutique hotel, Zero George Street. The award-winning restaurant features a tasting menu and a charming interior. The space is intimate and cozy, which makes for a perfect romantic date night. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 817-7900.

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Circa 1886

Photo Credit: Circa 1886

Circa 1886 is situated in the original carriage house of the historic Wentworth Mansion in Harleston Village—the perfect romantic backdrop. Guests can expect ingredients from local farmers and fishermen, multinational flavors, and modern-day cuisine fused together with the rich history of Charleston. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 853-7828.

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Peninsula Grill

Photo Credit: Peninsula Grill

Peninsula Grill, located in Ansonborough, is known as the crown jewel of the dining scene in Charleston. This enchanting restaurant is loved by locals and visitors from around the world. Enjoy quality ingredients, impeccable service, and an award-winning wine list. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 723-0700.

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Photo Credit: Magnolias

Magnolias is a sophisticated restaurant located in the French Quarter featuring innovative and exceptional Southern cuisine crafted by chefs Don Drake and Samantha Blagg. Magnolias is not only known for delicious food but also superb service. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 577-7771.

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Slightly North of Broad

Photo Credit: Slightly North of Broad

Slightly North of Broad is located in the French Quarter. This Lowcountry bistro provides fresh, local ingredients and a fine-dining experience. Reviews rave about the friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 723-3424.

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High Cotton

Photo Credit: High Cotton

High Cotton, located in the French Quarter, has become one of the most popular dinner restaurants in Charleston. Enjoy Lowcountry food and attentive service in a stylish atmosphere. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 724-3815.

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Photo Credit: Melfi’s

Melfi’s, located on Upper King Street, is definitely a go-to date night spot. The menu focuses on fresh pasta, salads, larger plates, and Roman-ish thin crust pizza. Dine at the pizza counter where you can watch the action surrounding two wood-burning ovens. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 513-0307.

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Husk is located on Lower King Street. Guests can expect authentic Southern cuisine—if the ingredient doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door! The incredible food is the highlight of this charming place. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 577-2500.

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Charleston Grill

Photo Credit: Charleston Grill

Charleston Grill, located on Lower King Street, has become one of the most popular dinner restaurants in Charleston. The upscale restaurant features Southern-French dishes and an extensive wine list. The romantic atmosphere is enhanced with nightly live jazz music. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 577-4522.

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Photo Credit: FIG

FIG is located in Ansonborough. The upscale bistro is perfect for the foodie lover in your life. Expect elevated takes on Southern classics created with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 805-5900.

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The Ordinary

Photo Credit: The Ordinary

The Ordinary is situated in a 1920s bank building on Upper King Street. If you love oysters, then The Ordinary is the place to dine. Whether you prefer your oysters on the half shell, fried, smoked, or pickled, you won’t be disappointed. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 414-7060.

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Delaney Oyster House

Photo Credit: Delaney Oyster House

Delaney Oyster House is a popular restaurant located in the Ansonborough neighborhood. Enjoy delicious seafood specialties, a raw bar, an extensive wine list, and creative cocktails. When weather permits, we recommend dining on their outdoor patio. Reservations can be made online or call: (843) 594-0099.


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